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Jihad, Violence, War and Peace in Islam
Jihad, Violence, War and Peace in Islam

Awakening Publications

Jihad, Violence, War and Peace in Islam


Jihad is arguably the most loaded term in the West regarding Islam, yet it is also the most deeply misunderstood. Its perceived relationship to violence and war removes it far from any notion that Muslims are in pursuit of peace.  Yet in what way can jihad justify war?  How does it relate to human nature?  How do we reconcile peace with justice?  What have non-Muslim thinkers written about jihad?
Tariq Ramadan boldly tackles these questions and much more offering a rare and nuanced discussion including: the philosophy of jihad, comprehending the reality of violence, how justice pervades the notion of jihad, and seeking balance in the plurality of existence.
This book is an essential reading of a subject that continues to hold great sway over our psyche and provides answers to the challenges we face in the world today.
Paperback: 77 pages
Publisher: Awakening Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781905837397
Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.4 x 5 inches

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