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About Us

About Us
 Siraj Mission & Values
Welcome to Siraj, we offer the best collection of unique and exclusive Islamic products from all over the world that exceed industry standards that are ethically manufactured from start to finish. Our aim is to be your single source Islamic retail specialists by being the leading pioneer, innovator, manufacturer, distributor, and global force in the worlds Islamic goods market. Our products are both import and export, which means with every sale we support/contribute to the Ummah on a global scale. Our objectives are to improve the quality of life of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve. This is sustained through the highest standards of corporate behavior towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch, and the environment we impact. The drive for excellence leads us to strategies that create strengths, capabilities, and opportunities, which in turn, evokes trust among consumers, employees and the community. Siraj will pursue with unending perseverance to be a dynamic and environmentally conscious ethical organization committed to developing innovative and unmatched products and services, that satisfy the needs of our customers. 
Insha'Allah never losing focus of our roots and religious beliefs and dedicating ourselves to our traditions and rich Islamic heritage, we will stay committed to pursuing honesty and practicing ethical and fair trade in our business ventures.

Insha'Allah, Siraj is going to provide an alternative to Islamic products but also help the community in a socio-economic way. One of Siraj's promises is to donate a percentage of all profits back into the community as well as to sponsor local and global community projects annually.
Siraj is committed to offering its customers, employees, and the society at large an ethical choice when shopping for their everyday needs.

 Siraj Code Of Ethics

( Insha'Allah Our Acts Are In Accordance With The Quran & Sunnah)

  Siraj not only delivers high-quality products but we do so in a way that reflects our commitment to conduct business activities in full compliance with the Quran & Sunnah and all applicable laws so that we are always guided with integrity and honesty.  Our customers expect similar behavior from all suppliers, manufacturers, vendors, etc that we deal with also, so we have incorporated the Siraj Code of Ethics into all our commitments and contracts worldwide.
Our Customers:
Our primary responsibility is to provide the best/highest quality products to our customers.  We will only engage in what is halal and stay away from the haram. We will ensure our suppliers/manufacturers abide by these same values. Orders will be processed on time and without any errors.  We will ensure our customers receive the best customer service regardless of purchase or not. We will most importantly never forget that profit is a result of doing everything right and will utilize that profit to invest back into the Ummah.
Our Suppliers/Manufacturers:
We will work with our suppliers and manufacturers to maintain consistency in quality and service. We will ensure that they make a fair profit. We will verify the suppliers/manufacturers compliance with our Code of Ethics. We will demand corrective measures in cases where non-compliance is found and terminate our relationship if those measures are not put into action within a reasonable period of time. All products and services delivered by the supplier/manufacturer must meet the quality and safety standards required by applicable law.  When conducting business with Siraj, the supplier/manufacturer must comply with the Siraj quality requirements.  We will manage our research and development projects ethically.  We shall neither offer nor accept any premium, prize, or other unethical inducements in our transactions with our suppliers and manufacturers.
Our Employees:
We will ensure our, as well as our suppliers/maunfacturers employees, work in compliance with all applicable laws and mandatory industry standards.  In cases where there is a conflict between a statue and a mandatory industry standard, the supplier/manufacturer must comply with the one taking precedence under national law.  Every employee will work in a safe and clean work environment.  We will compensate our employees equitably that comply with applicable laws.  They will receive fair and adequate compensation.  They will feel free to make suggestions, criticize, or complain.  We will safeguard their rights to privacy, protect them from any type of harassment and respect them at all times.  Siraj will clearly communicate to all employees what is expected of them.  In all negotiations, we will act in agreement with Islamic values and the Code of Ethics of this company.
Our Competitors: 
We will not engage in unIslamic behavior and preclude others from competing with us.  We will compete fairly and friendly without engaging in unIslamic tactics.  We will not participate in the standard marketing tactics and techniques, recognizing that we are accountable for all of our actions.
Our Community:
We support the community(s) we live in as well as the world Ummah.  We will be good citizens, paying our fair share of taxes, charity(zakah), and contributing to the welfare of the community in every way we can possibly support.
Our Environment:
We will protect our environment and natural resources.  We are committed to developing our recycling and environmental policies in order to further reduce the production of waste through good working practice, economic recycling or reuse. We will ensure that our suppliers/manufacturers abide by these same Islamic principals/ethics.  Our suppliers/manufacturers must operate with care for the environment and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the country where products or services are manufactured and/or delivered.
These are all non-negotiable standards that we abide by and we ask our suppliers, manufacturers & vendors to respect and adhere to when conducting business.
Giving Back:
We believe, each and everyone has a responsibility to give back. Siraj is proud to announce that 5% of every sale will be donated to Islamic Charities/Efforts worldwide.  Giving our support means more aid for our brothers and sisters in need. Through your support, we hope to make a difference, Insha'Allah!

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