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White Horse - Halal Fragrances - Al-Rehab Perfumes
White Horse - Halal Fragrances - Al-Rehab Perfumes

Al-Rehab Perfumes

White Horse


Perfume White Horse by Al-Rehab is a bright, fresh citrus scent with accents of herbs and vanilla.
The top note is fruity-fresh with oranges, bergamot and mandarins.
 Herbs in the heart note continue the fresh line and add spice.
 The base note is harmonious with musk and vanilla.
A positive, buoyant perfume ideal for everyday use.
Fragrance: citrus, fresh, musk, vanilla

Recommendation: Men & Women

Al-Rehab is the Middle East's leading perfume manufacturer which creates fine traditional Arabian and Oriental perfumes. High quality, exotic, long-lasting and is free from alcohol.  One of the most popular perfume oils in the world. Inexpensive price does not sacrifice high quality. Unique blends with a variety of oils that can be used both by men and women. Comes in a 6ml (.2 Ounce) roll-on vials make it easy to anoint. Manufactured in the United Arab Emirates.

Size:  Concentrated alcohol-free oil, attar, in a 6ml roll-on bottle

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