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Vision Herbal Teasan - Tea - Numi Tea
Vision Herbal Teasan - Tea - Numi Tea
Vision Herbal Teasan - Tea - Numi Tea
Vision Herbal Teasan - Tea - Numi Tea
Vision Herbal Teasan - Tea - Numi Tea

Numi Tea

Vision Herbal Teasan

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A citrus splash awakens the senses as lemon verbena gets the juices flowing and guayusa opens the mind. The woodsy, piney flavor of rosemary illuminates a plum-like sweetness as bright mint and peppery ginger complement a hint of cinnamon. This invigorating blend brings clarity to the mind’s eye and sets the imagination free.
VISION PRACTICE (10 minutes daily)
Find a quiet space and time to sit in ease. Relax your body, gently close your eyes and slow your breathing, paying attention to the rise and fall of your belly as you inhale and exhale. Bring forth an intention of creativity – a project, idea or vision you want to initiate. Like a daydream, allow whatever feelings, thoughts or sensations come to flow across your mind’s eye. Non-judgmentally and without attachment, allow your mind to travel. Enjoy the ride.

Product Information

  • Alchemy: Stimulating guayusa and a citrusy ginger kick yield a mindful alertness. Clarity and creativity come with woodsy rosemary and a hint of spearmint.
  • Flavor: Juicy, citrusy, woodsy and bright
  • Occasion: Creative flow
  • Caffeine: Medium


Fair Trade Certified™ organic guayusa, organic lemon verbena, organic cinnamon, Fair Trade Certified™ organic spearmint, Fair Trade Certified™ organic hibiscus, organic rosemary, Fair Trade Certified™ organic ginger, organic nutmeg.

Brewing Instructions

Envision possibility as you bring fresh water to a boil. Pour over a bag of VISION and steep 8-10 minutes. Enjoy these gifts from nature with a little help from us.

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