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Surah Ikhlas Carved

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Beautiful wood wall art, hand carved out of turkish pine wood. This beautiful piece displays Allahu Ekbar in the center with Surah Ikhlas going in a circular motion around it. It is set over a blue satin textured fabric and wrapped in a classy gold/bronze frame. Perfect for the living room, prayer room or the meditation room. The hand carved art comes with a wall mount. 

All wood wall art is hand carved and each piece is slightly different from another based on the wood texture and carving. It took the artist days to carve this wood wall art and its limited to one piece.
15.75 in(H) x 15.75 in(W) x 1in(D)
40 cm(H) x 40 cm(W) x 2.5 cm(D)
3 lbs

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