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My First Wudu Book (Arabic Edition) - Childrens Books - Shade 7 Publishing
My First Wudu Book (Arabic Edition) - Childrens Books - Shade 7 Publishing
My First Wudu Book (Arabic Edition) - Childrens Books - Shade 7 Publishing
My First Wudu Book (Arabic Edition) - Childrens Books - Shade 7 Publishing

Shade 7 Publishing

My First Wudu Book (Arabic Edition)

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‘My First Wudu Book Arabic Edition’ is a colour-changing bath book, which aims to truly captivate and educate young hearts on the order of washing the basic body parts for wudu — the ritual washing performed by Muslims in preparation for their daily prayers.  A great way to introduce your children, not only to the ritual ablution, but also get them started in Arabic.  Parents will also enjoy teaching their children the names of the body parts in this interactive and fun way to learn all about wudu through play:
  • Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations that attracts children’s attention
  • Body parts that change colour with water. Introduce a child you love to the joy of learning through play during one of their favourite moments of the day — bath time!
  • High-quality, waterproof materials that can be easily wipe-cleaned
  • Non-toxic and safe for baby with quality standards that adhere to CE international standards
  • Interactive learning that makes it a fun introduction to the basics of taking wudu
  • Suitable for ages 0 – 4 years. (Although adults will love playing with it too!)


7 Reasons You & Your Little One Will Love “My First Wudu Book”
  1. Colour-Changing Illustrations that Stimulate Learning Through Play
Beautifully hand-drawn, large illustrations of the basic body shapes involved in wudu attract young children’s attention and stimulate learning through play. Watch your child squeal with delight as the body parts change colour when they wipe it with water. Best of all, because water needs to be wiped on the entire picture for it to change colour, children will learn that the entire body part needs to be covered with water for proper wudu.
  1. Waterproof and Easy to Clean 
Muddy bath water after your active toddler played outside in the yard? Don’t worry. These waterproof bath books are extremely easy to clean. Just a few quick wipes with plain water and they’ll be bright and clean. Leave the book open, fanning out the pages to dry and watch the coloured illustrations turn white again. No need to use any harmful chemicals or soap to keep “My First Wudu Book” bath book clean and safe for your child to enjoy over and over again.
  1. Safe and Non-Toxic for Babies
Babies and toddlers just love to put things in their mouth, don’t they? Well, unlike conventional books, this waterproof bath book is ready for all types of teeth marks. The materials in “My First Wudu Book” are soft, tear-proof and bite-proof with no sharp edges, making it safe for your little one to have fun and put it in their mouths however they like! “My First Wudu Book” is also caringly made with non-toxic materials that are 100% FREE from any form of water-soluble ink or chemicals that are potentially harmful for babies.
  1. Interactive Multisensory Experience for Effective Learning
Learning feels just like play for your little one during one of their most favourite times of the day — bath time! This multi-sensory interaction that combine touch and visual senses also makes learning more effective as proven by numerous research. Multisensory learning is particularly important during the infant stage because it helps them explore their environment, which has an important implication on healthy brain development and development of cognitive function.
  1. Lightweight & Perfect for Travelling
Lightweight, flexible and portable with its high-quality waterproof pages, “My First Wudu Book” can easily be taken on family holidays or when visiting family, so your child’s bath time routine can remain uninterrupted wherever you travel to. It can even roll up so you can still stuff it into any over packed suitcase!
  1. Bonding During Bath Time
Nothing can replace quality time spent with your child. Learning with “My First Wudu Book” is an interactive, entertaining activity that makes bath time fun and exciting together. Don’t be surprised if your little one refuses to leave the water because of the colour-changing bath book.
  1. Builds a Foundation of Love for Prayer (Salah), Reading & Much More!
The fun activity of learning about wudu through water play can open the platform to many things. By learning about wudu in a fun way, you will not only teach your little ones about prayer / salah, but you’ll also help them build a foundation of love for salah. Fun bath-time reading also imprints upon young minds a love for reading and gives them an early start to enjoy a routine of reading and learning. “My Wudu Book” can also be used as a great interactive and visual way to introduce to young hearts the importance of cleanliness in Islam.
15 x 2 x 15 cm
5.9 x 1.2 x 5.9 inches

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