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Al-Rehab Perfumes

Man U


Cool freshness combined with sensuous rosessandalwood and resins.

Man U of Al Rehab begins with rose scentsresins and pepperwhich are accompanied by spices.
The heart form citrus and sandalwood.
The base is woody with muskcypress, pine and incense

A freshmasculine scent that is not too strict and hard and is well suited for everyday use.
Main Accords: cool-fresh, citrus, sandalwood, frankincense
Recommendation: For men 
Al-Rehab is the Middle East's leading perfume manufacturer which creates fine traditional Arabian and Oriental perfumes. High quality, exotic, long lasting and is free from alcohol.  One of the most popular perfume oils in the world. Inexpensive price does not sacrifice high quality. Unique blends with a variety of oils that can be used both by men and women. Comes in a 6ml (.2 Ounce) roll-on vials makes it easy to anoint. Manufactured in United Arab Emirates.
Size:   Concentrated alcohol-free oil, attar, in a 6ml roll-on bottle

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