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B-Complex With Vitamin C - Vitamins - Madina Vitamins
B-Complex With Vitamin C - Vitamins - Madina Vitamins

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B-Complex With Vitamin C


Halal B-Complex with Vitamin C contains Vitamin B1 helps body to make new cells and it is an anti-stress vitamins. Halal B-Complex and Vitamin C Protects immune system. It contains Vitamin B2 that works as antioxidant to prevent cells from getting damaged. It may prevent early aging and the development of heart disease. Also, it is important for red blood cell production. It helps transporting the oxygen throughout the body. It contains Vitamin B3 that helps to boost good cholesterol (HDL), Vitamin B5 that promotes healthy skin to reduce signs of skin aging, Vitamin B6 controls mood and sleep patterns, Vitamin C that helps promotes healthy capillaries, gums, teeth, cartilage and absorption of iron. Halal B Complex with Vitamin C reduces the incidence of colds It helps destroy and remove harmful substances called free radicals.
Recommended Intake
1 Caplet a day preferably with meal as a dietary supplement.
  • Contains Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
  • Anti-Stress Vitamins
  • Supports Immunity and Metabolism
  • Helps Red Blood Cells Production
  • Promotes Mood and Sleep Patterns
  • Promotes Healthy Gums and Teeth
  • 60 Caplets Per Bottle
  • 2 Months Supply

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