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Taqiyah: Crochet Kufi - Beige - Taqiyah - Siraj
Taqiyah: Crochet Kufi - Beige - Taqiyah - Siraj


Taqiyah: Crochet Kufi - Beige


Taqiyahs (Kufis) are the traditional and religious caps for Muslim men. It was the practice of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to cover his head during regular times and while in salah (prayer). There are many hadith from various narrators expressing how diligently Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in covering the head, especially for prayer. He wore a taqiyah/kufi and a turban most of the time and it was said frequently that the companions never saw him without something covering his head.

Many Muslims wear them in order to follow the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), others wear the kufi in order to stand out in society and be recognized as a Muslim. No matter what your reason, we have the styles for every occasion.
  • ALL NATURAL COTTON - Synthetic fabrics can be itchy and don't breathe well. Our all-natural 100% cotton weave is perfect for year-round use because it allows moisture to escape in the hot summer months while helping to trap heat during the cold winter.

  • SATISFACTION - We specialize in high-quality taqiyahs that are perfect for casual wear or intense outdoor activity. You'll feel the difference with our top quality materials and construction.

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – You no longer have to worry about your Taqiyah/Kufi being too small or too big. Each cap stretches to fit the head of most adult men. Simply pull it open with your hands and place it on your head.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Made in Turkey, each Taqiyah/kufi is made of premium quality all-natural cotton yarn. Machine wash cold with like colors and lay flat to dry.

    • LIGHTWEIGHT & LOW PROFILE – These Taqiyah/kufis weigh only 1.5 ounces and are lightweight and comfortable on your head or in your pocket. The fabric is thin to create a very low profile and can even be worn comfortably and easily under other types of headwear.

    • STRETCH TO FIT – Each cap stretches to fit the head of most adult men. Simply pull it open with your hands and place it on your head. When not stretched out it can fit in your bag or pocket to be quickly accessed. The bottom of the Taqiyah/kufi stretches to about a 22" circumference for a snug fit, while the upper part of kufi stretches to about 24" to accommodate different hairstyles and head shapes. These are adult-sized kufis.

    • GREAT GIFT - Treat yourself or someone close to you with a high-quality cap that is comfortable for all-day wear and looks fantastic. Knitted kufis are great for casual daily wear.

    • Made In Turkey

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